Why Do Flies Shit On The Mirrors?

He was unimpressed by the perfectly made bed, hotel table arrangement or the candle lights on the commode. He did not notice my jittery satisfaction when everything was ready as a guest of honor would appreciate it in effect. That pineapple pin placed strategically on top of a pile of messy golden jewelry, presumably what … Continue reading Why Do Flies Shit On The Mirrors?

Editing LOVE – Chapter 1: Romanticism

Romanticism. No laundry talk. No domestic chores.  Romantics believe you should not discuss too many personal stuff with your partner. You should not show yourself too much as romanticism involves two partners that immediately understand each other. Haven't you heard? It's called intuitive knowing. You are not suppose to explain yourself because if they love you … Continue reading Editing LOVE – Chapter 1: Romanticism

Hey You

Hey you.  Remember when I said let’s fall in love for the night and forget in the morning?  Cause I am the girl your girl hoped that you wouldn't have eyes for?  Remember when I said you shouldn't waste your eyes on jealous girls? Thought I knew every line you like. I like to push … Continue reading Hey You

Day 333

I actually googled that so don’t bother. It is day number 333 and I don’t even think about magic numbers. I feel so empowered today, from the highest point to the lowest, so here you go: The SKY is blue again in Denmark, thing I haven’t seen for too many weeks now. I am sitting … Continue reading Day 333