spot publicitar:

El: e si fain afara…ceata multa
Ea: why [to swim] u have to swallow?
El: it’s not like ‘u have to’, it’s like ‘u will’. rule of the game
Ea: always?
El: no, it’s just until u learn ‘the game’…if u know how to play it, u’ll swallow no more 😀
Ea: what’s this game?
El:: life
Ea: 🙂
El: play ‘LIFE’ now
Ea: :))
El: :))
Ea: tragem si spotul?
El: stai sa ma rujez
Ea: iar eu sa imi inchei pantalonii
El: leave ‘em that way so i’ll have smth to play with
Ea: in timp ce zicem lumii intregi sa TRAIASCA? pacat ca se termina campaniile politice.
El: we fuck and we shout loud ‘TRAIM BINE!!!’
Ea: obviously!
El: i’m done. i’ll go pee and play a lil
Ea: okidoki



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