Nu stiu de ce nu ma mai pot exprima ca inainte. De fapt stiu dar nu sunt foarte sigura pe ce simt si fac, incat sa pot scrie despre mine sau cu mine. Iar despre altceva…pai nu ma inspira nimic. Ma mai inspira cate o replica intr-un film si imi imaginez cu totul alt film. Ma mai inspira cate o cearta intre oameni mari si copii sau indragostiti. Dar nu mai mult de un status.

Azi am descoperit-o pe Emilliana. Am descoperit-o la modul ca a scos o piesa pentru inimioara mea 😀 Am pus-0 mai sus pentru ca imi place sa impartasesc lucrurile care imi plac (mint! sunt mega egoista).

Mi-am adus aminte si de “Asleep from day” si am zis ca merge contrastu’. Dar ce fac? dau explicatii pentru ceea ce fac?! nu, nu.

Maine plec. Nu mai scriu pana in 2010.

Daaar vreau sa va las cateva mesaje (ale mele se duc pe fantezii in noptile albe).

pt. Adda – zeita:

What’s that saying? “Why do I keep hitting myself with the hammer? Because it feels so good when i stop.”

 pt. Cata – idiotu’:

Knowing is better than wondering.

pt. Cristi – inima franta:

If love were enough she would be still here with u.

pt. Ducu – asses lover:

Who ever said “what u don’t know can’t hurt u” is a complete moron.

Not knowing is the worst feeling in the world!  Ok…fine, the second 😀

pt. aia mik si faina – cea mai draga:

No man defines who u are 🙂

pt. brindumic – Pepona’s best friend:

We all think we are going to be great. And we feel a little bit robed when expectations aren’t met. But sometimes our expectations sell us short. Sometimes the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected. U gotta wonder why we clean to our expectations because the expected is just what keeps us steady standing still. The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lifes.

pt. el – un las:

U tell me that u love me but u never wanna see me again.

pt. ea – o visatoare:

He who ezitates he’s lost.

si pentru ceilalti care ati dat click aici, cere-ti-mi si va voi da! replici, evident 😀




  1. api mnah ,violin , pentru 2010 doar follow the light!!

    shiii sa stii ca intotdeauna o sa fie “razboiu” asta “dreamer vs dream”.

    soundtrack: Sub Focus – Follow the Light(vocals)


  2. 🙂 da, asa este… dar… am citit ceva misto “True Love is like a tattoo… it hurts when it bleeds but it feels good within & last forever till the end of your time”
    si LA MULTI ANI …. dac nu ne mai auzim 😛


    1. – So, why did you want to become a photographer?

      – Fish.

      – Fish.

      – Tropical fish, actually. When I was a kid, I used to go to the library and pick out all the books… with tropical fish, you know. Beautiful colors and shapes.

      When I was eight years old, I realized someone had to take pictures of the fish. And I wanted that to be me.
      But I grew up and I realized that… things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful.
      The ordinary could be just as beautiful.

      – Like what?

      – Well… like… you see the couple there? Look at the way the girl is holding on to him so tight. But he can still drink his coffee. It looks like she feels safe wrapped around him.
      And if you believe that…
      / Wicker Park /


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