MTV Movie awards live from Tenerife

Definitely i am part of the generation of Johnny Depp. I truly love him and he is my favorite. I use to love David Beckham but that guy is too soft… Depp has a voice, a body and a damn attitude!!!

Russell Brad is so funny I can not hate him, although he is not my type!

I hate Kristen Stewart. Bleak for her style, look and everything she says: ”Rob is not here…Taylor, sis, help me”  in yo’ face! Just kiss yourself and stay that way! Now she wants to be Joanna D’Arc…common!!!

Mark Whalberg is sexyyy, Charlie Sheen…i am sorry, Leighton Meester cute and good girl, Mila Kunis not so funny, especially with that few pounds.

Jennifer Aniston won for the best DIRTBAG hahhahha. Lovely!

I wonder which film is winning movie of the year for MTV.

CHARLISE wears a dress similar to the one i wear at my last event. Good job Oana Lupas, my designer!!!

Omg! I never Jessica Biel seen so sexyyy!!! Good job Jessie, i finally like you.

I am so sick of harry potter and his Cast, of course they won again (for the cast, obviously). Bleak for emma! Please stay young!!! And Harry win for best hero?!! Commoooon!!!

I can’t wait to see Hunger Games, Brave, The help and American Pie Reunion!!! It will be akwoard, fun, nice and growse

Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey are uber hot. I chose Matt!!!

Elizabeth Banks is sexy and funny and lucky!! Christian Bale reminded me i have to love him and watch how Batman rises! Anne Hathaway is good being bad and i miss old Mtv ..the one with musiiiic!!!

Jodie Foster, ladies and gentlemen, looks great! And she presents the 2012 Mtv Movie award for the best movie, which issssssssssss: Twilight. Ok. Bad ending for the show, peeps. I hate this new generation of obsessed kids who love vampires. It was a nice show but i would have done it better.



Sorry for the mistakes and bad spelling. Is five a.m. and my HTC is not perfect.

Good night!

Watch images here:


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