Dear you!

Well my darling you… did you missed me? I surely did!


After 5 months on this beautiful and strange island I am coming home. To my family, to my forgotten things and friends, but most important…You!


I really don´t know what I am gonna tell you…it was fun, new, hard, easy and challenging. This adventure took me high and down. I felt great, but sometimes lonely…because I didn´t had you. We talked and thought about each other, but we were like living in different worlds. My life changed, yours waited for me to come back and feel again young and unstoppable. Many times I cried thinking about that kind of freedom you gave me, but I had to move on and discover some of my new limits.


I never been so far from you and my place, but must of all, I never stayed this long. I also found out that is really hard to live like this but I can do it as long as I know that you are there waiting for me. Now I am coming home to you. Don´t get too excited because I only come to see you for a coffee and to pack my winter clothes. I am leaving again. I know, you will say that after all this time I could give you more of me. I have too. If you thought that being away for 5 months is hard, but now is going to be 2 years for us apart.. Yeah, I am going to Denmark!


I missed you and, apparently, I will continue to miss you…my little part of me! I love you and I will never forget you! See you Monday!!!!





I feel like in my favourite song:


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