Comfort Zone

What is a Comfort Zone? Do you ever think about your specific comfort? Besides the cosines of your couch or the welcoming colors in the kitchen, I bet you definitely have an emotionally comfort zone where other things matter as hell (or heaven)!

I really had a lot of thinking with this comfort zone in my head. So today, after I discovered this scheme where it is all so clear but not really satisfactory, it came to me.

So what is the comfort zone? Everyone knows that when you are feeling safe and complete you definitely have comfort in your life. This means perfection! Is your life perfect? If yes, please give me your phone number and I will try to prove that you’re lying or I will fight to be your best friend!

After some of my own experiences and now with a little bit of research I discover what really means a comfort zone. So if you feel fear, sometimes depression and really often tired, you have some signs of that.  Also, if you’re aim is just to survive in a mediocre life where you can settle and live happily ever after…that’s really a comfort zone where 90% of the population wants to be…I mean IS.

Dreams, Success, Confidence, Excitement or Financial Freedom are really far from the circle.  To afford all these and other important things like Fearless, Belief, Passions or Fulfillment, you have to … sorry to say it … suffer! Those feelings that never make your heart beat faster (although you don’t have a heart attack) and those that make you think the sky has no limits, never go together – just like water and oil.

My advice is to discover what things are more important and what kind of person are you. If you are like the 90% of population, don’t worry, just relax and do nothing. But if you are like the rest of us (a very few people actually), escape from your comfort boring zone and discover the world and then yourself. It will be hard, tough and it will take a lifetime! But who knows? After that the comfort zone you return to will not seem so depressing. Good luck!


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