Being at school in 2012


All of us have different backgrounds and if we could share it we would find lots of common things. I mean, who didn’t play with dolls when was a little girl? I have played a lot of offline games and I bet all of you had that in your childhood. And what are we doing now? We are online! Every single day: at school, at home and even in the train. At school we actually sit together but chat on facebook or skype. What happens to out offline activities and feelings? Anyway…I don’t know about you guys, but I am really proud of my childhood experiences and I will not let go of them.

Today in class we listen to Gagnam Style (again!) and it was so funny the look of our teacher watching the video. Yesterday we learned for 2 hours how to work more on facebook and tomorrow I bet is going to be about mobile apps again. I don’t mind, but let’s do something offline! Let’s talk with our mouths and feel real atmosphere: smoke, drink, sing and dance!

So what are your plans for Friday? 😀


Ps: I want to write more about each one of you so who wants to give me an interview? 😀  


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