So…let’s pretend that you are my friend. We both share things about ourselves, cute little stories which include some sexy time, ex boyfriends and gd, funny stuff and both of us are enjoy it. It is nice and interesting when u discover someone new and so different.
Anyways, we start hanging out together and become really close. Everytime your boyfriend bothers you, is me you’re calling and everytime my roommate annoys me, guess who am i calling?

That’s right, friend, you! And after we shared all of our bests stories we start to share the worst ones: those about others which…according to some facebook quotes “reveal more about us than them”. One day i say it outloud to one of my “bench player friends” that it is annoying this and that about you. And this must be shut down before it kills pur friendship. Seriously! And the only way is to stop the fuck think you dont have to do anything but being yourself and dont give a fuck because u can. Sometimes it is just rudeness and lack of humanity.

Dont try to sell me the crap of being yourself is the most important thing in a friendship cause i will shut it in your face! Being yourself too much means a wild and unhealty behaviour. U swear and gossip more than ever and the need of saying good things only comes after eating or receiving gifts.

Sorry. This is a tribute to my dark side and to my dead exfriends who i miss so much but who also freaking let me down. Being the center if the universe and thinking ur the smartest guy in the world is never a good idea. U’ll see 😉


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