Watch out world…

Watch out world, specifically those of the male species, I’m coming for you. Take this as no threat, but that of excitement of a new life. I’m here to experience everything to the fullest. I’m going for the biggest and best things in my life; that’s starting now and I will not hold back. I’m not giving in, I will reach for what I want and not stop until I get there. You need to do the same, make the things in your life feel right. Your life starts when you take the step towards that secret level of life. Look in the mirror and love yourself, trust yourself, and, if you have to, masturbate yourself to a new personality.

Sometimes i just read somewhere else what’s on my mind and that’s it! just right there..

Have a look on how “I Masturbated Myself to a New Personality” made some of my thoughts written down 🙂



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