Happy Birthday, baby!

Despicable me! I don’t even know when is my baby’s birthday…oh! 😦 Even Gru knows better! Well that’s why God gave me no real babies so far and I only have one 4 year old blog who got so dull I don’t even read it anymore :))) (Well, you have to admit iIam one realistic funny son of sarcasm).

Ok, seriously, I love my blog and I am really proud of it. It is one thing I have done and got really good vibes about it. I always wanted to be extremely popular, but some of my friends become haters and I cared more about them than myself and my digital baby – so I let it be a pink cutie wall of sweet and harmless content (which is not my way of raising a kid and I need to change this asap).

Happy Birthday, little baby! I promise I will feed you more and make you really popular – you need this cause being a geek hasn’t helped you much so far. 






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