Mama knows best!

Every mother teaches her daughter how to conquer a man and it all depends on the mom’s image of her daughter. Mothers see the best of themselves in their little girls and they surely want them to make things better than they have.

My mom really has a good story of her being the last girl my dad could have but he still has her because he had to prove himself a lot. Nights of dating, flowers and sweets and a lot of waiting for the poor Casanova guy. That’s right, he really had all the girls he wanted and of course, all my mom’s friends – before her, obviously – I guess this is a good woman strategy: to let a man have all the women and the sex-fun-trash in the world and then letting him put that ring on your finger like it is a favor to him. I guess I have to say “Way to go, Mom!” cause my father, he really is some helluva man!

So that’s why I kinda have my mother’s advices stuck in my head like some personal rules that make every man sweat his pants of until he can unzip them. The overall concept of this set of rules is simply dated: the man is responsible for the courting and the woman is responsible for provoking his interest. Unfortunately (or not) nowadays provoking interest is most likely done without even know it – this is the kind of interest man are into I guess – so, my dearests women, don’t do a shit and they will do the rest. Of course, if you still want to keep the interested man around you for a while or forever you have to start working a bit (but that’s another story: “How to make him get you a ring”).

Don’t show him you are interested – this will lose that interest, which, remember: it was born just because you didn’t even notice the guy! Don’t text him!  You’ll never regret the text you didn’t send, the latest quote you have to share on your wall.

Pay attention to what kind of guy he is. You really need to have some standards and chivalry is a word and a code you need to keep in mind forever. I would definitely never marry a guy whose mother didn’t teach him that chivalry is not only about respecting women. It separates the men from the “boys”. Chivalry shows that you possess qualities such as courage, honor, maturity, and loyalty for others, not just toward the opposite sex.

Be beautiful and confident. Wear perfume and body lotion. Take care of your body and most of all, take care of yourself better than anyone else!



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