Fallings in love

You will fall in love with someone who is so incredibly smart and powerful and just one kiss on your cheek will make you feel like an angel. You will feel that lips on your face for a long, long time and not because you were only 16, because it was a pure feeling anyone should have. After a few years you will have that person looking at you like an angel who needs to be off its wings and in his bed. You will know that falling in love with him was just a lesson.

You will fall in love with someone you have never dreamed about. A nice, loving one who makes you smile with all your heart. Then, you will look into his eyes and want to see yourself there forever. But again, you are only 18 and you don’t know shit about love and relationships, so you will stop everything just because he didn’t call you. You will cry and hate yourself, but after a few experiences you will smile again with all your heart and thanking you for having fun. It wasn’t meant to be, that’s for sure, because you just met him again and he still is just a little boy with nice green eyes.

You will fall in love with someone who didn’t want to kiss you in the first night and you treated him with indifference. Then, one night he will fly miles away just to kiss you big time. Then you start thinking about him and live a fantasy. You will just learn another lesson, ‘cause the one who lies about his ex will always go back to her.

You will fall in love with your boyfriend’s brother. But he will never ever even kiss you, because he’s just a better man so then you’ll know you need to pack your toys and find a new playground.

You will fall in love with someone who is madly in love with you and you will never know if you just loved him back or you really were in love. You will always think how good and peaceful everything was when you were together and there will be nights when you just want to go back in time. But you know that is not what you want even though you have absolutely no idea what you want from a man. This is when you are in the middle of your twenties. The border between 20’s and 30’s make you the most confuse and sure about everything in the same time. It is one of a hell war inside of you.

You fill fall in love with a jerk. A completely adorable son a bitch, whose mother actually is a really fucking amazing lady (but you instinctively hate her for raising someone you cannot change or control). He will love you in the most annoying ways. You will be strongly mad at you for being a fool thinking that you will never make him happy. But he will always feel happy with the less you can imagine. And you can’t accept that! No! You can’t be in love with a simple, boring guy, can you? You will learn this lesson too. Just play it right and be cool! Good things come to those who wait!

This is where I tell you why. Because you are a complex human being who can’t just easily settle but still longs for it. You don’t what you are searching for but you know how much you deserve it because you have tons of love waiting inside of you. All those falling in love moments were just a proof of that. 🙂


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