Why I Wanna Have Kids

He will be cute, blonde with brown eyes and he will talk since day one! haha – i will learn the baby language and we will always have long night chats!

He will know when to shut up and i will understand all his whining about me – definitely we would be best friends!

i will give him books and let him play all day long!

He will read sounds and paint feelings!

He will listen and do whatever he wants just because i will let him make mistakes!

He will always know how young he is and how old he will be.

He will constantly make me feel extremely stupid and proud in the same time!

I will grow and live again from the beginning next to the perfect human being who’s actually a part of me. 🙂

His father will be so much better in raising him than me -funny and caring just as much as needed. And again, i will be frustrated but damn proud of myself!

And everytime i will feel down someone will raise me up!


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