Write Love Letters on My Body

Come and write letters on my body to remind me what I am here for!

Come and give me the excitement I need to keep doing what I like. Oh, how I forgot all about the things I love and the dreams I have since I was pure and innocent. Sometimes I just need a reminder that they will never die.

Oh, how I waste my time scrolling down on a wall that takes my hours away when I can just lay down on the couch with a fantastic magazine in my hands. God, how my hands love touching old school paper! Good titles and talented authors are the adrenaline that makes my heart dream again. About my book, my magazine and all the things I want to do before I die. I get to be so excited not because I realise how long do I have to live and see, but because I can dream again.

So come, write love letters on my body and I will be freaking happy! 🙂


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