Be the Person You Want to Meet!

I love this quote and it made me think a lot about what kind of person I am and what kind of people I enjoy. So I made a list to describe the ones who thrilled me and, of course, I am using the qualities that sum me up (the hot ones). 🙂

  1. A very natural and unique appearance. Like Brianna Wiest says on thoughcatalog: “The most beautiful people are those who are more unapologetically themselves than they are a copy of someone else”.
  2. Huge confidence. A strong sense of self that shows you unbreakable. Not the kind that talks forever and wants to look like a walking Wikipedia. Of course, I admire people who say what they think, but not those who don’t think twice before doing it. Sometimes I prefer humility and this is another good quality.
  3. Humility. I have it and I am just loveable because of it! I never say things to people that might embarrassed them or make them feel awkward around me (and if I do I usually explain they should lightly change something about them).
  4. Killing awkward silence. I am one of those people who feel the silence as a flood in a relationship. When the silence is settling like the fog, everything becomes boring (unless you are high). People who always have a good story to tell make my days. This also goes when somebody is sad: tell him a story that can distract him for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Idea generators. I just love people who have ideas all the time. I like to have options from what to choose. I like to be challenged and usually I do the same with people I like spending time with.
  6. Smartass comebacks! Do I need to say more? Lines that let me speechless make me fall in love. You can see it in my grid large smile on my face that says: Damn it! I just got served in a way that not even I could have done it. Humility comes and says that I accept my defeat with grace. This is what everyone should do in these cases. Accept that you don’t have a better answer to a smartass comeback and do not, I repeat, do not ruin the moment!!!
  7. Make decisions that you believe in. Make them with confidence and no regrets. And even though they turn out not to be the best, you need to be able to admit you were wrong and learn from it. In fact, I don’t even believe in making bad calls – besides saying the wrong things – everything can turn out for the best.
  8. Good bodies make you really attractive, so you need to take care of that. The way you exercise and then the way you dress equals your style. And style is not to follow the fashion, is how you are using it in order to make you look good.
  9. Nice hands, soft skin, cute smile, honest eyes and clean hair. That could do it too.
  10. Honesty! The most important and hot quality of all. I will always look down at those who lie aka cowards and less attractive people.

Well this should do it. These are the things I appreciate and look for in me and the people in my life. I think I forgot humor, but this is a must than doesn’t even have to be in the list. Intelligent people will have most of the qualities above and humor comes as a bonus. 😉



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