Thanks and Givings

Well here is a thing i like to do but in my own way: thanking by giving. I am always grateful for what i get and because i believe in JT’s what goes around comes around, i am prepared to give the Universe what the Universe is giving me.

Today i had a really long chat with one of my oldest friends. A guy i’ve been mentioning a lot in my posts and i am really grateful he is in my life again. After 2 years apart, i felt the need to be there for him and i need to be ’cause he always has been there for me. So thanks, dude! I will always love you, you freaking bastard aka darku! :*

Yesterday i had the first private chat with the woman i admire a lot!!!! I finnally got what it takes to be in her list of people she wants to call and talk to for hours 🙂 felt good. It was worth waiting and growing up for it (she is +40 and 5000 miles away). This week i moved out from an apartment to another. I felt sad just like when you say goodbye to someone you know you’ll never see again. I stopped counting how many places i’ve moved to and even though i am so tired and my things changed so much with the years, countries and people i flipped, i am ok and i am doing it again because this is me. I’ve been a nomad my whole life and i will keep travelling till a place screams for me to stay. Same with people. And if you ask me if i ever scream for people to love me or for places to be for me, i will say no. Even though my actions will say yes. Yes is when i wait for somebody to eat in the same time even though i am really hungry. Yes is when i dont sleep when i am tired just to talk to you. Yes, this is how i scream to people when i want them to stay 🙂 I want you to stay. To be honest and not be afraid of what you feel and think about me and the resr of the world. I will always treat people how i would like them to treat me. I will always love, appreciate and respect the ones who just do the same: love, appreciate and respect. This is harsh. Much. Though and rarely done. But hey, #yolo! (sorry for this #shit, i just used it to stop the drama :p)

Thank you. In words. In thoughts. In my actions with you (all): Mom, dad, bro, relatives, friends, roommates, lovers and people that bump into my life for no reason and with hell positive vibes. Ps: to some pretty little liars: i will always be happy to give 5 cows for a bull and you may keep the ox 😉 good one, huh? Myeah, i am fun, hot and sooo determined to end this year with style and grace!!!

XoXo, #Vio


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