she loves you, she loves you not

Cold as ice. This is what women say about them. Smart, healthy, loveable, but shy and introverted. Scared, with lack of initiative and experience. A whole nation of ice cubes with blue eyes that makes you wanna melt, but is not you who needs to melt, is them. “We, East-Europeans are used to have gentlemen around us. We have hot blood running through our veins and we can burn everything around us with one look” (hot girl saying). Run girl, run! This world and people are not for you! Here is a women’s world who do whatever they want with their man, especially womanize them and then throw them away.

Challenge. Intelligence. Lacks. Needs. Mystery. Freedom. Talent. Health. Mental issues. Selfishness. Weirdness. This is what you find. Unless you are one of the happy ones who finds a real Viking with honour, brains and self-esteem.

We are running from ourselves and our problems, but we are hiding in the arms of those who usually are in a worst situation. And it is very likely to be vice-versa for them, because you never see a thing in the same way another person sees it. Never. So you may thing your partner is in a crappy situation and he is doing worst than you (maybe less money or awkward friends), but it may be the same for him looking at you.

I am still surprised on how some people can be so masochists and sadists in times when love should be the easier thing to do. I am disappointed of those afraid to love and I will always have my principles (like the latest one: When I love, I love!). And yeah, I might be masochist and sadist too, but I would never hurt myself just by being with someone. Ice is cold and pretty dangerous (it killed DiCaprio years ago, remember?), but I believe in the complementary angles that can melt and froze each other for a really long time. 🙂

I am free. Happy. I am living with myself and I am just enjoying it for the first time. 2013 is ending soon and I need to make some new wishes. Any interesting ideas?


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