Living On my Own!

Since I moved out I found myself wearing some new clothes. For those who want to visit me at my new crib, beware and do not be surprised: I have a lot of happiness jackets, loneliness underwear and the most laziness sweatpants! But what should I wear when my meals, well my desk actually is full of chips, cookies, breadsticks and chocolate bars – each of 3 different kinds. Sometimes I visit the fridge. Well, we have a very sad relationship… If it is a “he”, then God knows I will never get married … what man will want such a needy and less inspirational lady?! Cheese, crème fraiche and bacon. And bread. Auch! I know. Don’t say it!

Let’s go back to my room. I have a huge collection of boxes which I fill up every month with different stuff and I never know where something is when I need it. I guess I am trying to be very organized…but I only end up with a mess after my nerves torn up everything when I need, a fucking needle. Books, boxes, junk food, candles, plates, clothes, bags and winter socks. Yep, this is my environment right now. Oh, and tissues, cups of tea and water. And dry lips. And hand cream. Fuck, the bed, how could I forget about my bed? It’s huge and very cold – can’t wait for the summer in this bed or for Santa to bring me a biiiiig fluffy duve! Hear that, SANTA?? This girl doesn’t need drugs or money or bitches or men, she only wants a duve… 🙂 (eyelashes dancing here on the cutest smile)

I haven’t yet touched the kitchen and I have a week since I moved in. Guess it’s hard when all your friends are willing to cook for you and they are so good at… That reminds me of my roomie. I guess if there would be a contest based on who is having the coolest roomie, I would definitely win. But this isn’t the first time I have an awesome roommate, the only difference is that we have our own rooms and we speak through hallway haha. The one thing that connects us the most is the neighbor downstairs who is completely disturbed by us – I can’t imagine why! Seriously! She said she hears voices and high heels from our place… that’s weird!!!! is not like we are girls, right?!

Now, future guests of my awesome apartment – I forgot to mention it was the party kind of apartment and we plan to keep it that way – you need to follow some rules when you come by:

–          Never empty handed! This is something yo’ mamas had to teach you by now!

–          Never smoke inside! This is probably one of the best things about the place and you need to start see it like this (too) 😉

–          Always have a positive energy!

–          Happy people make people happy! And because these days I am kinda moody I need happy people around!

–          Those who are willing to cook are getting VIP tables and big glasses of wine.

Kinda this is it. My home. Home is wherever I am with you 🙂


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