We’ll Fuck Later

I just read a really good article about postponing sex, in the Romanian version and written by a guy and I just have to say something about this topic.

So, Andrei says we live in this world where we are absorbed by things like jobs or duties which seem to be more important than our personal life. Apparently we feel romance and fantasies only in books or movies and sometimes dreams. Sadly he’s kinda right. 

From my point of view, “we’ll fuck later” it is something no woman should hear. I don’t include men here because I believe that this answer will make a woman angry, but a man more aroused (haha). I got this reply for more than I could wish for and I am still surprised how could I allowed that. Every time I was sexually disappointed, the relationship died a bit more… (and you’re still surprised why we are not together anymore?!) Sex is important. But the way you do it… omg, that’s something is worth postpone your dishes or daily training for.

Andrei is right. In the “we’ll fuck later” world nobody cares about the underwear, the atmosphere, the music, candles or the sheets. Skipping foreplay and finishing fast cause you have to wake up early in the morning will just “fuck you later”.

Sex in a couple doesn’t have to be made just because you have physical needs. It needs chemistry, 2 hot and compatible bodies – and by hot I mean bodies that respect and like eachother naked. It needs lust, fantasy and love. Yes, these can be separated and you can have a good fucking, but I think it’s just amazing when you add some love there and you keep doing it. 🙂

I also know that 100% sexual compatibility doesn’t lead straight to a happy marriage, but with 2 brains wanting the same thing I think it’s possible (vice-versa is also an option). Don’t forget about respect. It’s commonsense a person needs respect for what he is and what he wants. And last but not the least, COMMUNICATION. To be interested about what your partner wants or likes is only gonna bring YOU happiness.

In the society of “we’ll fuck later” we will only get to “we’ll never fuck”, “we’ll never get married” and “we’ll never be happy”. So don’t fuck later, fuck whenever you feel like. And do it with passion and lots of love. 

Btw, Andrei thinks that love without friendship is like a rose without scent. We can look at it and admire it, but we can’t feel it or enjoy it…

So, here you go: Fuck! Love! Respect! Communicate and be Friends! then have kids and teach them the same 🙂



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