Last night


Last night I met Brian. He wasn’t the star of the night (cause I was), I just love how this sounds: “Last night I met Brian” haha, just like scene in an American movie. 😀

I am completely exhausted right now and I just want to have this on the paper for later on when I am gonna have so many other problems and I will be laughing reading this.

So, I called a lot of people to get together in a bar and have a big party. Actually I just wanted to get wasted and forget about all the problems I have right now – didn’t happened. Well, we had a good time and get wasted, but at the end of the night I ended up crying my shit out. I haven’t been crying for 3 months so I had a lot of water coming out from my eyes (sorry to those who wiped me). Yeah, I am a freaking drama queen and it doesn’t look that my age solves it too much. What can I say? Yeah, I met Brian. Let’s go back to that. 🙂

Brian is the sweetest American boy I have ever met. He is kind, smart, funny and very cute – completely not my type! I was staring at him all night and talking stupid things like “why do girls don’t know history” and I had the feeling he looks like someone I know… well, he is the younger version of one of my bosses, but also he looks a lot like Scott Foley – Felicity’s perfect boyfriend. We talked and laugh about God knows what until my superhot girlfriend notice him and got in charge. Haha! After the princess told him all the good things about her and made him fall in love, she told me: neee, you can have him! He’s not my type! He doesn’t play video games, girl!!!

So, last night I met Brian and dumped him to my friends. Brian, I have to see you again for that! I owe you, dude! 😉

A funny part was when in the ladies room a hot drunk girl started to talk to me a lot of bullshit I didn’t get, but we pee together and she asked me to record her while she was saying a Danish joke. That was memorable! :)))) it was the first time I had the courtesy to pee with a completely stranger girl.

And then I met Brian. Literaly. It was after the girl. After Brian a Danish guy proved me there is some Viking genes left in some of the men in here. That was cool but it made me think about my exbf so nothing good out of that! Thanks dude, and sorry Brian for letting you go. Didn’t even had the chance to say goodbye…

So how this all craziness ended? Well, in the morning I woke up in the most luxurious hotel in Denmark and thinking that maybe the end of the night was different than me crying my shit out and it was actually a threesome with me, Brian and the hot girl. Then we sniffed cocaine for hours and imagined things like I finished school, my internship, don’t have a place to stay, have to go somewhere else and start a new life again. It was fun! Haha! Too bad I am just joking. 😉

Update: last weekend some of these things actually happened. Therefore next time I will write about some things that never happened I will try to imagine the best of them 😉

Another important fact: there is no Viking genes left in Denmark. There are only bad guys who cheat their girlfriends – like the one that kissed me that night and I thought he’s cool. Sorry girls, Danes are like Ken and you have to be a Barbie doll. Yeah, I never thought either Ken cheats on Barbie!

Ok, the good guys are excluded! but you know there’s a endogenous value in things that are harder to get and sometimes we just pass some levels with our eyes closed.


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