Status. Chase. Time.

You can just see the snowflakes melting in her mouth. Her breath is their atmosphere and you just want to feel the heat that’s in there. But you know is not safe. You are afraid and you sit down and wait. Wait for that mouth to open up for you and swallow your words and looks. But you hear her voice and all that you can understand is to … be quiet.

Tell her things like she’s even more beautiful when she cries. She is a diamond in the flesh after all, with a beautiful mind. Don’t pretend that you know everything. You live your life as simple as possible and it’s the same every morning: you wake up and look around in your bed and it’s just a small part of you there…the only thing that she left you with, the only thing she didn’t took from you. You go back to sleep and feel alright again.

Smoking hot. Cool down. The night is young and she will be the best you ever had. She was sent to love you. You have to lose control and give yourself, all of you, to her. She will make you love, laugh and be crazy about her. You will go home. But don’t be late. Don’t think too much and don’t hesitate. She won’t wait or love you again a million times. She doesn’t wear same clothes for long…you know that, don’t you?


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