I can say nice things too

My dear friend,

I am an idiot. Lately I am telling everyone how I don’t have any friends… how I lost them slowly on the way “here” and how lonely I am. But I am only blind and selfish! You are my friend and you are here every time I need someone to talk or help. I think it’s about time I accept you, see you and appreciate you just a little bit more than I did so far.

So I would like to thank you for asking me how I am doing every day, for reminding me that I have to do some stuff I am always postponing, for making me feel safe just by the thought I can call you any time, for listening to my lame stories about my failures (including bad dates), for letting me be me in all the possible ways, for making me feel extremely comfortable around you, for all the things you buy me, for all the wake up calls, for all the coffees, for all the time we wasted together, for telling me how amazing I am and most of all, for loving me! You are truly the best friend anyone can have!

I am grateful, but please forgive me for always being one or 2 steps behind you. I am learning from you how to be a great friend and I wish I could be the same. I am here and you know how to find me. Whenever you need me. I will always try my best to be as great as you are to me!




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