I am sorry, Thomas…


Dear Thomas,

You know how they say “it’ll come when you least expected”? Oh, well… you came when I was least expecting… Actually no, I was 100% sure YOU will come. That’s why I didn’t even dressed up for the party. Those jeans, boots and baggy t-shirt were meant for you to see how big my friend zone is. But no, you had to insist with what a great first impression I made sitting there in the corner all night, how smart and fun I am, and how much you want to kiss me… well my dear, that was all I wanted to hear, but not from you.  To avoid breaking your tiny heart and mostly not to give myself other reasons to be an asshole, I went to the ladies room. On my way there… oh well, I made a new “friend”.

  • You were waiting all night for the hot Norwegian guy to come and kiss you, didn’t you?

And he kissed me. On my neck. That was one good start of a great making out time. It was 3 am anyway.  

Game over, Thomas. And not because Erik, the 25 nasty hot Norwegian boy was such a hotshot, but because I don’t see myself with you. Not more than friends anyway. Yes, you are totally boyfriend material, but not the kind I would want, wear or love. Not now. Also, I realized why compliments are actually such turn offs: it’s either giving a huge slack or they raise expectations which I tend to fail on purpose. I am sorry Thomas, I know I said I will call you, but I won’t. What for? We talked everything last night. It was about cultures, travelling, studies or pension in less than 15 minutes. And I let you kiss me. That was actually for me to have it on my checklist: kiss an Asian guy. But you will never know that. And it’s for the best! 😉


The lovely girl you wasted you’re time with last night



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