How Danish Am I?

Peter Carlsen’s painting “Danmark 2009” epitomises a misguided self-rejection of national culture, the author believes

I’ve been mistaken for being Danish a few times, but no one ever guessed I am Romanian. Isn’t that weird? Well this is only from the looks, because I don’t speak any Danish and I kinda lost the East European accent. I’ve spent my second year in Denmark analyzing, testing, working, living and loving Danes. It was the hardest thing I did. Especially the loving part. At first I thought they are really weird and I am the ugly duckling here, but then an even weirder thing happened: I grew up. Not yet a swan, but getting closer. And one thing about swans is they learn how not to give a damn. 🙂

Now, I can defend most of the lazy Danes who don’t wanna get up their couches for an entire weekend and who rather listen to music instead of people, because I adopted myself few of their weird guilty pleasures. But then again, I don’t watch TV, I don’t kill anyone while biking (even though I don’t always have the patience to wait for the green light), I am not that proud of anything, I don’t fake it until I make it and I remember people the next day after a party, ‘cause I don’t ever black out!

But then again, I don’t call them back because I am also embarrassed and confused when I get compliments. I hate surprise visits as well, not because I need to go to the store and buy things to serve you, but because I am not in the mood for people as I used to be. I don’t have any problems talking about sex, but like Sam Smith, I am just not good at one night stands. I also don’t have any problems with self-irony and being laughed at – too bad there are so few people out there who can actually understand this…

I hate licorice! And in Denmark everyone likes it! I rather eat polenta each time someone takes a licorice candy (but I don’t). I never earned so much money and I only have a part-time job so I never complain about the salary. When it comes to work, I only complain of not having enough hours. Denmark is the country with the lowest legal number of working hours (37h/week) in the world and the highest number of paid holidays (5w/y).

So how Danish am I now? I’ve changed a few things about me and I am not stopping, but then again I was born in a different culture with principles and beliefs (please search for these ones in the dictionary if not familiar) and I don’t wanna forget that. Yes, I tried. Yes, I liked it while it lasted, but I need more time, more people and experiences to figure it out.

Not a swan yet. Therefore, don’t try to eat me when I am coming home.

If you want to read more true and funny things about Danish people, try in here. By a Danish guy 😉


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