Pac, pac!

Today, on my way to school, I passed through Superkilen park in Nørrebro. During day time there are always kids playing, skaters, parents or dog owners. Of course, lots of bikers due to wonderful bike roads. I usually slow down to observe them in my short trip and it’s like being a part of the picture.

The park is very popular to the Arabs. Today there were 2 of those kids, a boy and a girl – dressed proper to her culture – who were sitting on a big pavement with … gun toys. In 5 seconds I was in their radars and when they aimed their machine guns at me …

pac pac

…my heart stopped for a second. Luckily, my bike didn’t. It got me thinking. There were shootings recently in Copenhagen and last week at one event next to the Synagogue there were guards with huge guns patrolling around… I am tired of reading and watching more videos about all the violence going on in the world these days. It makes me sad. And scared and confused. But I cannot stop everything and lock myself in. I am a part of this complex world that might kill me some day. With one PAC! Because I am that fragile and unprotected. I guess the price we pay for today’s freedom is being able to travel anywhere in the world, biking at any time in the night, touching and kissing anyone or believing anything we want.


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