missing stars

– Back home, in Romania, my parents live in this beautiful place where nature has the main part. Lots of trees, a big river, farm animals, vegetables, berries…

– Can you see the stars from there?

– … Well of course!

– When I was a kid I used to lay back in the garden to watch the stars and think about how small we are in the Universe comparing to what’s out there. But now there is this veil … and I haven’t seen them for a long time.

This was my 8am convo with a lovely Danish woman and an extraordinary teacher. I have never thought of not seeing the stars on a clear sky. But it’s true, I haven’t seen a lot of stars on the Danish sky either.

It’s 1am now and I’m looking at the sky. Only 1 star is shinning from my window. 😦

This summer I will be back home just to lay down on the ground and look up until they fall. Then wishing…

Because I miss dem beautiful stars!


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