Everyone FUCKS!

You’re single and ready to mingle! So you dress up, put some nice make up and go to this party you were invited on Facebook. But not having any other plans on a Friday night gives you enough confidence to go to a party alone where you barely know 3 people. So you’re on your own.

You get there and bam! The only 2 guys you’ve been with (some feelings) last time you remember …are here! Breed in, breed out! You’re cool. You’re wearing a positive attitude and you actually moved on, so there shouldn’t be any problems, right? But then something weird happens… those 2, who basically never liked each other, and have no idea how much they have in common, start chatting… And I am like…oh well, having sex is a normal thing. Everyone fucks, right? After a few hours of mingling and me getting as drunk as planned, something else gets in the picture. This new girl, who’s wearing the same t-shirt I was wearing when I met both of my guys, comes along and steels my place. Literally. I look at her, and I am like God, my grandma’s hair looks better, and for fuck sake, you don’t wear a spandex t-shirt with leggings at a party! But she gets all the attention I was once given. She’s sweet and mysterious. She tries to look smart and cool. She is onto something. Actually she’s into both of them. I feel her. When 2 guys are on the same girl, you know who wins? The biggest asshole. She’s new in this game and she’s naïve enough to think she’s special.

I look at her and feel sorry. We have the same age, but she’s 2 years behind me. I’ve been there, done that, wear that and obviously … fuck that! She goes to his place. I get drunk, relax and accept. Why? Because Everyone Fucks. Which kinda makes it less cool, so I decided I will only make love! 😉


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