I Am Katherine

Around midnight I was somehow dragged at this Danish party I didn’t know a soul. Everyone was drunk and high. There was only one other guy, except me, who wasn’t onto any substances, but he wasn’t paying me any attention. He was a DJ from Amsterdam coming to Copenhagen for a gig who told me I am talking too much about politics. I mean, seriously?!! What could I possibly talk so much about politics with a Dutch guy? His manager was desperately looking for cocaine and he was restless all night.

I forgot my wallet at home. Now wtf am I gonna do? “Come with us! It’s gonna be fine.” I was numb, lazy and careless. No cabs. I was new in town too. They stopped an Arab guy who was sharking for drunk people. The manager got his cocaine. I was sitting in the back, next to the anti-politics Dutch and his suitcase when the driver start telling us how he just got of jail after 5 years… at 23. When I realized he was going in a completely different direction, I had a small panic attack. But I killed it with a fake large smile of indifference.

After 10 minutes I was in a shitty club. The guys paid the Arab and left me in the backstage where everyone was on MDMA and nothing to matter. I didn’t know anyone, I hadn’t had too much alcohol and I was not in the mood for weirdos. Tough luck. There was this weird beautiful mulatto girl who was completely under no control and extremely annoying that draw my attention. Pretty hard not to notice a red short dress on a dark woman with a big mouth covered by the most brutal laugh I ever heard.

After riding all the men and women in the room she ended up next to me. She asked me like 4 times what’s my name and when she realized it’s too fucking complicated she said: “why isn’t your name just Katherine?!” She got mad, but suddenly she made a good point after hours of nonsense speaking. And I agreed. “Exactly! You can be Katherine and you can fucking rule the world!” that’s what she said. For real. In 2 minutes I became this beautiful Katherine with the greatest urge of ruling the world, but as I least expected, a guy comes along and interrupts my trip:

– What’s your name?

– I am Katherine.

– No, you’re not.

– Yes, I am!

-You’re not!

– Well I am if I want to be. I am Katherine from the States and I can just be the fucking president if I want to. Ask the red monster over there!

– Ok, Katherine, I am Mike from the States and I will vote for you.

I got home at 6 am. Not drunk, not as a president, not loved, not happy. It was the first day of 2014. Man, that year was hard as shit!

[this song reminded me of that night]


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