Don’t Date Telecom guys!

Girls talk:

– Yeah, I get guys asking me out all the time…

– Really? Like what guys?

– Well once a guy stopped me on the street to tell me how beautiful I am and to ask me for my phone number. Then I went to buy a new phone [obviously since it’s so demanded] and the guy who sold my phone asked me out.

– Oh, wow! This doesn’t happen to me…

– Maybe you didn’t wish for it…

– Ha! Challenge accepted!!!

Exactly! I am the girl with a lot of hot successful girlfriends who likes challenges. So in a week I went to buy a new phone. I didn’t even know what phone I wanted, but I knew the guy who will approach me will sell me whatever he holds in his pocket. It was an Iphone 5S. I was a total Samsung girl, but then the boy was super cute and helpful. And I wanted a change… 🙂

I actually use the line “What does this button do?” :)) and I stayed in the shop till the boy synced all my contacts and explained the iCloud to me. But then again, that button was broken so he had to give me a brand new phone.

  • Way to go, boy! Is this how you wanna make me discover my new toy? Nice to meet you. I’m out.

I left the shop a little disappointed that he didn’t ask my number but then again, the boy had my number from the moment we start talking. After 20 minutes he texted me that he thinks I should have his number in case I need more help or wanna grab a coffee.

Mission accomplished! We set a date but the idiot calls me at 2am the night before our date saying he doesn’t have any more patience and he wants to see me.

  • Seriously, dude?! You think I will just pop up from my bed at this hour to meet you? I paid money for that phone!

I didn’t have to go out with him. I got what I wanted. Now, my phone is broke and he doesn’t answer my calls. Damn, that karma!

Anyway, with all my pride I called their customer service. It took 15 minutes for the new guy to ask me out and leave me his number. I was like “way to go, Vio, you’re in the game now and scored again!”

  • Let’s see how my phone behaves, shall we? 🙂

Obviously my phone didn’t behave so good (no idea where it got that from) and I had to call the new guy again. Well I actually texted him and used Jessa’s method again:


That was a month ago.

This was today:


Do you think he’s that bad at English? Or maybe it was a trick question? Probably he deleted my number and forgets I know where he works (which means he has all my account details – which actually I had to remind him at the phone when he was trying to flirt). Maybe he’s just another idiot? I won’t be racist…but what if? I mean, you know…I got a pattern fixed after all these dates 😐 Never mind, it’s just me, freaking out guys or making them too anxious to see me.

Anyway, for the sake of the challenge, do it. Waste your time with telecom guys, but don’t expect a private customer service if you’re not available during moonlight. Well at least not in Copenhagen.

PS: By MISTAKE I pressed “speak” today on a text of him and and Siri goes like “I wanna take you out for dinner and dancing … happy face with wide mouth and squinting eyes” :)))))) ahahahha

Made my day!! 😀


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