Bummer!!! How I forgot to make a wish for my birthday

Oh well, I am 27 now. Yaaaaay…yay!

This weekend I had a bit of everything and I was so caught up in the moment I even forgot to take pictures. Damn, I think this comes with the age, right? So, Friday, 17th was my birthday and after 2 hours of pouring my thoughts and tears on papers, I decided I won’t do anything to celebrate, except celebrating every single moment the way I feel like it. All went good and according to my non-planned plans.

17 to 27

Me at 17.  With my bff, taking selfies in a bar’s ladies room, at a total crap party with make-up and sexy cleavage. Bling bling as well. Mom has never approved.
Me at 27. Selfie again, but all by myself in a completely different place and mood. Day time, before evening and without any cleavage. Mom is proud.

How did I get here? When did I grow up? Have I really grown up? I remember when I was 14 and I decided 17 will be the best year ever – because I will be old enough to look hot and young enough not to have adult responsibilities. Well, this is exactly how I feel about this coming year. I am 27, old enough to look really hot and young enough not to have too many responsibilities. I kinda have in mind to have a lot of fun this year, because probably I will get marry the next one. Well probably not, but hey, a girl can dream, ok?

A wise man said that a woman only needs Dunkin Donuts and oral sex. That’s not true. First of all, where is pizza and beer in this picture?! See? This comes with the age. The older I get, the wiser I am.

I used to be quite dependent and surrounded by people even when I had to take a piss or cross the street. I guess I had a weird handicap, but now I have one even worse: spending time alone and talking to myself. I kinda force myself to like me, to look into my deepest spot and squeeze something out of it. I am curious about me more than the guys I fall in love with and sometimes I look at my pictures or read my blog and I am like “who’s that girl?” It’s Jess! haha, no, it’s me and …weird thing, I’m one of the most interesting persons I’ve ever met. No, really, I know you don’t believe me, but it’s only me who know my entire shit and how I manage to get all that together. So yeah, pizza and beer is required!

So this is why and what I celebrated this weekend. I cooked myself a nice breakfast, answer all the messages and phone calls, dressed up, went to school, the post office, then I did a bit of shopping, I biked on my favorite places in the city then I joined some of my classmates for plenty of drinks. It was good talking with people who have the same shit going on: stress of exams, boredom of current jobs, bad luck in dating or awesome dramas. I found out new things about people I used to know and the sweetest thing was my crush came by. You know that moment when the guy who you always noticed on the hallways and never pictured yourself with because he’s out of your league? Oh well, turned out I am out of his league and now I can move onto the next one. Which is also sad, cause now I have to find another crush to dress up when I am going to school. Haha, maybe now I am too old for that shit. :)))))

Anyway, I really enjoyed my party, especially because of the guys who made me laugh and boosted my ego to the sky and back. Apparently school buddies only know one thing about me.

Danish Guy 1: The blog. We all know about your pink blog.

Danish Guy 2: Yeah, we all read your blog.

Me: Well not when I write in Romanian!

2 Danish guys: GOOGLE TRANSLATE! duh!

DG1: Yeah, so I read your blog every week!

DG2: I read your blog every time you post something because I get a notification about that.

DG1: Oh, ok. I will subscribe with my email so I will be notified too every time you write something.

DG2: I also share all the posts with my friends. But I only share with everyone except you, so you don’t see that I shared it!

DG1: Yeah, so we know everything about you and your tinder dates.

DG2: Yeah, and we are quite upset you never write about us…

Here you go boys. Now I know who my only two readers are. Thank you! You made me laugh my ass off and I deserved it. I make a lot of people laughing after reading my blog and it’s actually one of my biggest outcomes. I came home after a long white night of partying and having a good time and what do I find on my desk? Lovely flowers and a Danish flag. Ah, I am so gonna miss my roommate!

One of my favourite places, Dronning Louises Bro, Queen Louise’s Bridge crossing The Lakes in Copenhagen
The moment when Christian had the speech for me and I blow it with my huge champagne bottle…


Thank you all of you. Those who were there, those who called me, those who made me laugh, those who wrote me lovely messages and those who thought about me. And most of all, those who are still here, in my mind and in my daily life.

Respect, peace and lots of love! ❤



ps: In Denmark they say that the weather on your birthday reflects your behaviour from the last year. I had an amazing weather until 6 pm when it started raining with sun still shinning and then 2 amazing rainbows popped out. Now how cool is that? I’ve been quite special. Don’t worry, the wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition. 😉

So all the Danes thanked me like I was the Queen. Figures!


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