Breaking rules in the Datingland!

Summer is coming and I miss having champagne at 2pm near Chriastianshavn with a guy I just met… Ah, I will always remember Mathias for that date. #tbt to my Tinder dates

It’s been a while since I left Tinder and for about the same time, Tinder’s little sister, Miss Bumble has been growing in the app store. Apparently, Tinder’s mother, Whitney Wolfe created Bumble after she sued Tinder’s father for sexual harassment (not shit) to get a little more revenge (and because she wasn’t over the guy). Bumble is a social discovery app that “promotes a safe and respectful community” where “you’ll never get unwanted messages” and your suggestions will be more relevant than the “dead-end matches” you find on “other, more shallow apps.” For more official info click here.


The trick is that Bumble is a niche dating app where women have the luxury to go first. Well, say hello to chivalry! Ladies first! Mmmm! Me likey. It’s not feminist at all. It’s just another way to let the women in the driving seat without having men saying “women cannot drive”. Ok, maybe just a little bit feminist… 😛 But beating Tinder at his own game? That’s a helluva challenge, I might say.

Some call it Tinder’s competition while others say it’s exactly the same (due to the work of the same designers), but Bumble it’s more selective. Tinder has become the dating pool of drunk guys who rank girls with their friends and for girls to fish some #tindernightmares. Or swiping on the toilet (guilty as charged). There is no emotions and no real stuff in there anymore (well except the toilet part). But that’s just me. I’ve been Alice in Tinderland for a year and I learned some stuff. But because I miss the excitement of getting to know someone on a screen with only few clues and the possibility to be asked on a date, I will give Bumble a change. Plus, I’m heading to Australia, I need an e-friend to begin with.

Bumble is quite fun, relaxing and challenging actually. On Tinder I’ve never started a conversation, because I am that old fashioned and because I hate the rejection, ignoring or leaving the impression that I am already into the guy. Plus, he wouldn’t work his ass (I mean brain) at all after that. Well now, it’s worst: on Bumble I have to break the ice every single time and I just realized I suck at pick-up lines! Men, now I get why you sound so boring and silly at the beginning! Is there a book for getting good at this?

My first pickup line on bumble was not that bad. I just said that “I have no idea what to say that would not be a chiche. Hopefully you won’t smell my beginner moves here. But…how you doin?”  The guy said the question was good and while I thought I played smooth and throw the ball in his court, he didn’t help so I had to continue. 😛 Had a nice conversation about my landing in Bumbleland and how after 10 minutes the game was over and he was my only match. He called me picky. I admitted. What?! I told you I am not good at this…

“Looks like you’re out of people… Check back soon or invite some friends!” Dayum… Story of my life!

There are not hot guys, girls. There are all geeks who studied IT or have weird jobs in Danish companies. This is another extra feature. Bumble imports the last job and studies from Facebook. Most of them are international. Obviously they are shy. Would not say a word until you allow them and they will feel very bad cause you’re not the compliment type, right? Haha. Also, your match expires in 24 hours if you don’t say anything to the guy. And another exciting part of Bumble is that each guy can extend another 24h for one girl per day. Muhaha, more stalking! I think this is a happy digital start of a world where sexual equality is not even a matter. It is just a fact and an accepted one.

Now excuse me, I have some dating to do! 😉



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