Nobody ever got laid after talking politics

This is what my friend, Maxine told me 2 weeks ago at a house party. It was the day after the Danish elections and I was extremely curious to find out what happened and why did they break the internet; so I start asking some Danish guys. I think I bothered like 4 guys in 3 hours, but I found out almost everything I needed to know. At some point I got super excited a debate might start… But no. I think there were too many hot girls and free booze at that party, cuz the guys left me talking to myself and no one flirted  nor called me the day after. Sigh. 

I still think is quite hot to talk politics with someone who can explain it nicely to a tipsy girlie girl at a party. I really wanted to deconstruct and prove wrong to Maxine, but then again, the other day I was at some friends gathering where, because of some weird reason (or just my news feed trends), I start talking politics with a guy which happened to be good looking… “I have to go now, this is too much politics talking for me.” That’s what he said. 😐

Say what??! I swear to you people, I don’t know any politics. I barely read some news and remember some names and facts. I mean, all I do is asking people stuff like “who is doing the raping? Who is doing the raping?” (quoting Trump :)))) ) or how deep are Greek’s waters? Because I am too lazy to read all the analyses and listen to the radio – which makes me wonder: is there any radio talks about politics anymore? Well, it doesn’t matter. Obviously there are no men left who find politics attractive. And who can blame them? Danish right wing has the power now (yeikes), Greece is a big Dragma queen and Donalt Trump might be #45. China wins. Haha 

But seriously now… what talks get you laid nowadays? 😀 I used to think I am smart – apparently not smart enough. 


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