The Beach Is Calling!

The irony is on me. This summer I bought the most expensive bikini I ever had (and probably you too) promising myself I will wear it even at work – which I did. I was looking forward to going in any place where I can wear my original Australian piece of neoprene from Triangl. Then I did. Went to Romania and it was minimum 35C degrees every day – which was pretty awesome considering summer skipped Denmark this year. When I came back, I had to unfollow all of my friends who posted daily and without any mercy pics on cool beaches, aqua parks, or parties wearing their bikini. I am sorry, but that’s like eating B&J in front of me while I am on11986928_886197708083838_6340927840894111589_n a diet! 😐

Weeks passed by, I started wearing winter clothes – even though it’s still freaking August which in some countries is the hottest month – and guess what did the Universe sent me today???

A Beach Seat or a Swim Belt or a Life Ring or whatever you call that awesome rubber colorful circle the kid inside you used when swimming in deep waters! ❤ That’s when I knew! I need to go to some hot beach where I can actually use it!

I checked all the flights from Copenhagen this weekend and upcoming September. Now, I need a partner, someone I can laugh while playing with my new toy or teach how to swim. So are you in? You probably think I am crazy, but once the travelling gets into your veins, you get addicted. Also, you probably know I am preparing for Australia. 🙂

Ps: I am going back to the hot and beautiful Romania in week 42 – return flights for only 50 euros. Say what?? Exactly! Just write me a convincing message and you’re on board 😉


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