Late summer lovemma

You know that August night when you go to a party wearing shorts and on the first brrrr the hot guy is offering you his pants? Yeah, me neither! Haha But I bet you know that morning when you wake up in his bed and all you can think is that “love is where the pants is” (double haha). πŸ˜‚


My #3 fan, Kris, asked me the other day if the cute guy from school will be a character on my blog. I obviously haha to him and then realized I haven’t shared my latest crush (enough). So this is about the sweetest and sexiest guy I met since I am single and my dilemma if I should tell him that I am into him or not. I have no idea how in this world one tells her crush that she doesn’t want to meet his parents nor meet every day, but date the fuck out of him? As in kiss and hold hands in public and not sharing him with potential housewifes? I mean, believe me, it makes me vomit too…like literally I can’t eat cuz I am afraid all these weird “things” will fly the food out of my stomach the moment I see him. 😐 

“Block! Ignore! Date someone else! Forget about him! He would’ve kissed you in public last time you were there. Oh well… He’s just not that into you!” 😒😣😀😑

Is this what you gonna tell me?! Common…not again 😦 I need another story!

Kris, Maxine and SΓΈren – my only 3 readers – what should I do?? We all need some material for this blog, don’t we?😍



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