“You’re like a beautiful chair”

Last year, the day after Christmas, Santa brought me a fine, smart, good looking guy who I ruined all my changes with on our 3rd date. So after 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days, there he was knocking at my door. It was 3am and I was still awake totally confident that I will get a good present if I’ll just be a good girl. Well not really, but then it sure was…the best 3 morning sex hours ever! 

So girls, if u ever dream to see or have something like that, start believing in Santa Claus and be good! But try not asking the guy too many questions. You might be hearing what I heard when I asked him what are his thoughts about me:

“You are like a beautiful chair which you worked hard to get and then you put it in your living room and you like to look at it.” 

Say whaaaat?! 

Now, he mumbled some “that’s not what I meant” crap and added “a very expensive chair”, but I just accepted that I am beautiful and he likes to look at me and that in his furniture world chairs are extremely important and wonderful…beings. 😀 I sent him back to North Pole and told Santa I am gonna behave more this year. Cuz that wasn’t the gift I had in mind. 

  Few months after I got a beautiful red chair. Sometimes I look at it and I really  think it’s one helluva chair. For real. I love it. 

Do you think that maybe Santa is sending us different kind of presents when we grow up? Like experiences in which we found ourselves objectified and start seeing objects like they matter? 

Now, girls, if you grew up you might have heard of Karma. Well Karma is the new Santa and it’s not coming only the day after Cristmas. 😐💃🏻


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