The poor hasty actor 

I know him for a long time but I don’t know anything about his life and, to my shame, I am afraid to ask.

He is one fascinating man. The spawn of a loving mom and a model dad. Good looks run in the family and he’s so aware it sometimes he hates it. I think he read that comforting quote saying that the most beautiful people are the most unhappy ones because they are afraid no one is looking beyond the surface, because he kinda gave up. He drinks a lot. He started playing with the pros in clubs right after his first big heartbreak. Everyone let him do it. I mean he got his heart  broken, so why not let him break other organs too, right?

He’s not stupid nor intelligent. He is an idiot. When he looks in the mirror in the first 10 mins all he sees is an almost perfect body with a pretty face. He actually winks at himself proudly, until he starts thinking. About his age, he’s not 18 anymore; about his friends – which friends?! about his family – “never proud enough, so why bother?” But that’s why he’s going out every night, so he would not have time with himself. His worst nightmare. 

 He has thoughts, feelings and ideas, but also some god damn demons who control the hell out of him. But I am here to help. I am actually scared and I have no idea how I am gonna do it, but I have to make a difference in his life. I am gonna be mean, fearless and strong for this one. I promise. 


Rationality slayed emotionality with the sword of reason. But emotionality didn’t surrender. She is still there, tied with chains of Hypocritism to the walls of Fear, crying fighting and screaming , begging to be set free from that prison of Lies, tired to be bowing, submissive, to the deceived winner. 

The eternal fight, on the other hand, between Mind and Heart, never had Winners or Losers, never known a victory: only a desert of pain and an ocean of regrets.

Thoughts of an honest mind. Thank you for sharing, my friend. ❤️


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