Learning From Jon: Life is as Easy as You Make it!

Do you have a mentor? Someone you admire and believe in to guide you in the right direction? You can choose your mentor or he/she can choose you. A mentorship comes when there is a need and interest to develop yourself, professionally or as a human being. There is no downside in your relationship with a mentor. It may last a day or a life time, depending on how much you connect and help each other. A mentor can be a parent, a business partner or a good friend (before or after), someone with the necessary experience to guide you where you are insecure but it is a part of your dreams.

It is always a good time to make a change. There are phases in our lives completely different than what we know and so are the people we surround with. So you will never be too young, too dumb, too smart or too old. Not for those who care about you anyway. After having lots of talks with and about mentors, I came to wish for one. I feel the need of having relevant guidance to where I am heading to and I am excited who is gonna be next. It’s not easy in such busy times to find willing people to help out, but there is no harm in trying. Be prepared to be turned down. Breaking hearts and killing dreams is like riding a bike these days.

Few weeks ago I almost got fired from a job I have only for more money and which I stopped enjoying it. So I started a serious job hunting then, but without any success. I suck. I am not a specialist, nor excellent at anything in particular, so my chances of getting one of those ad jobs are quite low. In between crying and smoking my brains out, I figured out I am searching and applying to all these jobs just because there are people who look down at me for not having it. Is that what I need to feel better about myself? A job where I sit in front of a computer and type numbers while I get paid less than now and feel even worse cuz I am not even good at it?! So then it hit me. I need a mentor. And if I need a different job, then I should be working for my mentor. I wanna work for someone I look up to, someone I believe in and I can learn anything I need to know in order to build my own career. The one I want. So I wrote to people telling them this and even though I was turned down politely, I am not giving up. And you shouldn’t either; it’s gonna happen! 🙂

Last night I had an amazing dinner with a Danish mentor called Jon who advised me on the career path and it was extremely helpful. Today, zapping on Ted talks, I found this Thai Jon who warmed my heart and soul with his speech about how easy life can be. I share in his belief! There are values in our lives that we tend to ignore blinded by the needs and control of a selfish society that doesn’t give us anything without paying. A society that we don’t know, we don’t love and doesn’t share our feelings. We have a choice and the way we make it will determinate how easy and beautiful our journey can be. Listening to his speech will make you more aware about our different set of values and that, at the end of the day, we all care about feeling free, healthy and content. Happiness comes from our inner selves, so use some time to look in there. Have a wonderful day, ya’ll! ❤


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