HEY! I love you!

Tonight, I stopped my bike at the yellow traffic light. I speed up and fly usually, but this first of October was damn long and exhausting so it almost felt like giving up…

While I was sitting on my bike and dreaming of my cozy bed, a muzzy guy crossing the street came to me and shouted a big:


I got a bit scared and immediately started picturing ways to protect myself because, for some unknown reasons, drunk people act like I am a piece of meat. By the time I managed to open my mouth and say something back, he was right next to me. He spread his arms like in slow motion and gave me a short precise hug.

-I love you!

He said it firmly and then continued walking like he had a very definite destination. By the time the light was green I had a big smile and a full heart. God knows I needed that hug, the ‘I love you’ and the whole short event just as it was!

So thank you, muzzy stranger! This was a huge lesson of “don’t worry be happy and freaking LOVE! Even if that will scare the shit out of people!”

And also, stop at the traffic lights!




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  1. Reblogged this on FIXPINK and commented:

    tribute to the night when a complete stranger felt like hugging me on the street and probably the only time I have ever heard a Danish guy saying I love you like that! 🙂


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