Hey! I love you!

Tonight I stopped with my bike at the yellow traffic light. Usually I speed up and fly, but this 1st of October was damn long and exhausting… 

So while I was dreaming of my bed, a muzzy guy crossing the streed comes and yells at me: 


I got a bit scared and start thinking how to protect myself cuz for some weird reasons drunk people see me as a piece of meat. I wanted to shout him away but I didn’t even closed an eye and he was next to me. He opened his arms and gave me a firm hug follower by 3 words:

-I love you!

Then he continued walking. By the time the light was green I had a big smile and a full heart. God knows I needed that! 

So thank you, whoever you are! This is a huge lesson of “don’t worry be happy” and freaking LOVE!!! Even if that will scare the shit out of people! Also, stop at the traffic lights! 



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