When you fall you fly 

I think it’s about time you admit that you have a crush on me!

– I admit.

What now?

– I want that and that and that too. I want you to give me at least everything I gave you and well of course, don’t get boring. Confessions always bring misery and punishment is required.

– So now I have to make a decision or …say something?

That would be the painful outcome of starting this conversation, wouldn’t be?

– Not if you see it like that.

Right now it’s all fucked up. I haven’t had the right experiences or enough wisdom to figure out how  telling someone you’re in love with might actually end up in your favor. And because of that I am afraid of doing it and probably a very large amount of singles are too. Tinder knows best.


So you are my SO. Am I yours?

“When you fall you fly”


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