How I didn’t meet Rasmus Seebach

Going out used to be my hobby. Week days, weekends and basically any time of the year was absolutely perfect for going out. Sometimes I wouldn’t know what to wear or where to go, but that made it even more exciting. Spending hours figuring an outfit, shaving and putting lots of makeup is the main part of the challenge for a 20 year old. Then you just need to be a pawn on a venue’s board. Ah, being young and curious…

You would say pawns are nothing compared to the nights, bishops or the queens and kings, but nobody can rule without them, right? I used to love them. Pawns. I needed them to keep me company, looking up to me or simply listen to me. I am still scared living without them actually… but now I learned how to use notebooks, apps and smiles. Conversations are still on a learning process, but I am closer than ever to go out alone and actually meet someone. Brrrr. This is actually my Halloween costume tonight. Hopefully everyone will recognize me and spare me of explaining. There are tons of books about it, anyway. 😉

Funny story with this Rasmus Seebach. He is a Danish singer with the same zodiac sign like me, perfect age to get 061113_2marry, sexy as fuck and probably someonw I wouldn’t mind to spawn with. It was a random night out for me and my pawns in some fancy club in Copenhagen, 2 years ago, when I saw a guy coming toward me with huge confidence and definitely a plan. My over protective girl-friend anticipated something and immediately took action. She stopped him 2 steps before his hello and told him he should not even dare saying anything to me. While I was trying to figure out what just happened, them two were starting a pretty interesting conversation. I suddenly remembered I was telling her how we must have a plan to avoid not-so-hot people approaching us and just when I told myself he wasn’t that hot anyway, their intercourse ended.

“Apparently this guy is a guitar player. He plays with Rasmus Seebach who is in the other room and he wanted to invite you over there for a drink, but don’t worry, I told him you are not interested tonight.”

Aham. Who is this Rasmus Seebach?

“Oh, just one of the most popular Danish singers…”

Are you kidding me?!! 😮

That night never happened again. But there’s not a day passing without me imagining how beautiful Rasmus’ hit called “Viorela” would have sounded… sigh.


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