You are someone’s reason to masturbate

Having a crush just makes it so much easier to masturbate. If you don’t believe me, ask any porn star. But just like they masturbate on love and dreams, so do the rest of us, girls with not so much experience in boys. Now, I am not just being modest, but more likely comparing to some phenomena I see around.

There so many hot guys in Denmark, you won’t believe, but harder to believe is, that most of them are pretty smart. And that’s quite exciting, but then comes something that really turns me off: the insecurity. They put it on your side, they pretend that you wouldn’t understand or accept some things and they lie. Oh, how do they lie… And even lies like “I could do this for the rest of my life” and “You’re the only girl I want” ruin the most beautiful fantasies.

I love having crushes. Even those I can smell the crashes coming after. They get my heart pump, make me hope and dream. Also, keeps my imagination wild. So…


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