Romania – The Widow Drama Queen

Friday night some fireworks killed 31 people and injured up to 200 others who were attending a rock concert in the Romanian nightclub, Colectiv. After 3 days I started having stomach burns like never before and went to see a specialist. It turned out they were caused by a lot of stress and discomfort I felt while reading Romanian feeds. Not joking!

After reading horrible article titles, desperate comments and seeing one sick picture with dead bodies, I realized I am disgusted by the whole industry and the poor procrastination of lots of my friends. Mass Media wrote in a manner I have never learned during those 5 years when I was studying journalism. “Their skins were pouring all over” – since when is this a title or even an accepted description of a news event? But this is Romanian media. Touching subjects like the dead people and their “pouring skins”, their families who are in shock, the survivors who are even more shocked, the firemen who started crying, the janitors with poor families that we need to donate for, the PM who is an idiot, the president who posts too much on FB – oh, btw, he has the best PR in the country so next time you should vote for the PR instead – and every single Romanian soul (who, apparently is guilty by nature). You don’t make out of a drama something even more dramatic. As a kid I was terrified watching the news, but now I get illnesses because of it. I am not shocked of the events in the nightclub as much as I am shocked of what media and lots of my friends post and share on Facebook. I had to read The Guardian‘s articles to actually understand and have a clear view of what happened.

I am extremely disgusted of everything I read in Romanian about this event. I know I have left the country years ago, but part of my heart was always there and I care to be the change for Romania. Not for sparing it of me for years, but for educating myself and those who I get to meet whenever I go back. Cuz I am bringing home everything I learn and it’s only to make a difference in someone’s life. Like I did with mine. I am proudly saying ROMANIA every single time someone asks me where do I come from. And I will always do.

But now I feel sick! Why do you (Romanians) need to emphasize all the shit you are in and wasting so much energy blaming and hating others? Yes, people have died in a fire while attending a concert, but how much of that is a reason for you to “wake up and throw rocks at those You voted for?” I’ve seen shares of posts and videos with so called celebrities who swear and fuck the president they voted for. Are you fucking kidding me? Look inside, people! Stop carring what others do and think. If you voted for a wrong president the only one to blame is you!! Cuz you don’t know yourself better to make good decisions and it’s so much easier to blame those who don’t even do shit. Well, I guess that’s another problem which you’re gonna march for a better country. Just be careful not to burn yourself while lighting candles or fireworks to point out you are thousands in the streets (and make a difference). 😐

I chose to write this in my poor English mostly for my future self and some people who I am hopping they will know what I mean. Also because I would’ve use a lot more dirty words in Romanian to blame someone for my stomach burns (and those being a lot of angry people who can’t see they are the ones who are angry at). Because I am a drama queen. Just like my mother country, which now acts like a Black Widow Master Drama Queen. Must be that time of the month…

I am sorry, but I think Romania is a nice country where, if you have good knowledge, positive attitude, resources and networking you can have great experiences. And if your are unfortunate enough to be born there without so many from the above, then my darling, just work your ass off a little bit harder and taste the rewards. It’s simple as that, because if I can do it, then so do you!

One year ago I was waiting in front of the Romanian Embassy, in Denmark, for 2 hours just to vote for Klaus Iohannis. I have no idea what that man has done for me back, but I am pretty sure it was the right call since the other option only would’ve done worse. I am not embarrassed with the Romanian president, nor proud of representing me. But I cannot blame the guy for the death of 31 people in a club. No offence, but that’s just… Sad.


May they all rest in peace and may none of those who like to party die in such pain.


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