Have you ever played the cube game?

This was the moment when James got my attention tonight. I said no and indulged him to proceed into details.

So, there is the space and a cube in it. Deacribe the cube!

Well it’s a 2 apples size black cube floating … That’s it.

Ok. Now you have a ladder. Where and how is the ladder?

I see an old school ladder, medium sized like those treasure boxes pirates find in their adventures. This is one is sitting on the ground below the cube.

Hmm interesting. Now there is a pony in the space. Describe the pony.

My pony is a baby unicorn who changes its colors. Like cameleons.

Oh wow! Ok. Now the last questions. A storm is coming. How do u see the storm?

Well simply like a tornado destroying and taking everything up  with it.

James did a quite cool interpretation of all these elements in my univers and that’s how he forgot I am not the hottest the girl at the party. I wanted to go to this birthday party tonight but I was scared to…so I was inviting anyone I found funny enough to join me for free champaigne with fancy people but since they all turned me down, I went there alone. If though I barely knew the Australian birthday boy and none of his upper class friends, I had the courage to show up wearing black jeans, rain boots and a white ripped tee. James even agreed that I looked like I just got off from work (which I did actually). Oh well. The night turned out to be way more interesting than I expected. Me and James played some drinking games, which I won, then we crashed a party in a club in a Church and then we ate carrots at MacDonalds! Haha. For real! Oh, and whenever he tried to kiss me I took his hand and dragged him to a very unconfortable friendzone. But hey, at least his best friend there said I was his favourite Danish person, even tho I was the least Danish at the party. Second Oh, there was this blondie at the party who we all said she is the hottest tonight, but who actually gave me the most lovely compliments I ever got from a girl. She said I had such a great an unusual attitude and I was quite brave going there in the beginning. Well I guess I was really undersdressed, but that didnt stop me having a great time! That champagne…

Thanks guys!


The non-danish girl!
Ps: check my snapstory if you dont believe me haha

Pps: Happy Birthday to my friends Morgan from Australia and Andrew from New Zealand! ❤️


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