This weekend lots of kids got presents in ther shoes and I was jealous of every single one of them. Doesnt matter if it’s just a piece of chocolate, few clementines or a pair of new socks. Tradition says that Saint Nickolas comes on the night of 5th of December and puts something in every kid’s shoes. This is one of those moments/months when I miss home and my parents who would totally play Santa Nick for me! This is the 3rd year I am not home for Saint Nicklas or for Christmas…so I just went out to drink to forget. 

The next day I found this:

Now, if I ever had doubts about Santa Nickolas existance… well, I have to tell you, this was actually on my wishing list! 😁
Looking forward to Santa!! 🎅🏻🎁

Ps: I have an extra present that Santa Nick left for someone who’s busy growing up these days. Not to be rude, but it would be a shame not to come and get it 🎁

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