My 12 hours relationship

I was never in love with him. I thought I was though…

It was chemistry at first sight, no doubt. Even now I tremble when I think of our first kiss. Mmm.. That was one perfect match. Tinder match. I guess I am a sucker for good kisses. I am one of a helluva kisser myself and when I meet someone who can handle and make me tremble, well that one deserves … A beer! 😎

It was a hot summer 2015. I loved it. But it became way more hotter when I met him again. I started a game I didn’t win and weird thing, I love the way I learned loosing it! 🙂

You might have read about my summer lovemma or I might have told you about this guy… Who just wasn’t the One from the beginning, but who I really wanted to be. I created a perfect version of him and I started making plans. Even for him. One day, I woke up next to him and I looked at him with a kind pleasure and I whispered to his ear: one day you’ll be mine.

And he was. Few weeks later. For 12 hours straight. The moment he told me he wants me, I flipped and backed off. That was it. That was the end of our relationship as a dating couple, but I really wanted to kiss him and I said “yes”. 12 hours later, after getting used to the idea of having a boyfriend and a really pathetic last meeting as a newly couple… I ended it.

I got what I wanted. And yes, it lasted way less than I ever imagined, but that was it: my summer crush ended in a 12 hours relationship.

Now, I know that I have never changed my feelings for this guy. I just changed my wishes and perspectives. So after all we weren’t a perfect match. Not even a bit, not even at all.




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