A kiss for forever 

Wouldn’t be nice to see people checking in on Facebook in those memorable moments like the best kiss ever? Yeah, I know, quite difficult and weird to check-in in someone’s mouth…but damn, I would brag and talk about a kiss so much more than the Eiffel Tower. 

I am talking aboht that moment when the guy you childishly thought he’s way out of your league grabs your face in the middle of the street and kiss the hell out of you. That guy you had a crush since forever gives you the deepest look and puts his lips on yours with the greatest passion… That morning when he walks you home after a crazy night and just when you gave up trying to get him do something, he stops and stare. Then pulls you closer to him, his nose slowly hits yours, your eyes blend but your lips run away from each other getting lost in wide smiles…oh, the happiness!! Slowly you stop thinking, barely feel the ground and let yourself fall in the moment. Heart beats like crazy but it’s the only proof that you’re not dreaming…knees melt but that will only make you hold him tighter. 

I have a few memorable kisses like that and this year Santa brought me one more. And it wasn’t five minutes ago or last night. It was sometime this month and even now, on my way home, surrounded by tens of people in the metro, I can’t stop thinking about it. I am not in love with the guy but I am totally in love with that moment which I will never forget. Not even a bit, not even at all! 

Kisses like that may never happen to some people, it probably wasn’t the best kiss for neither of us and I don’t see it repeating because why ruining such a perfect memory? 🙂 

Call me young and stupid, even virgin if you like, but I will always choose the memories of incredible kisses over going to Paris and Venice (oh well, maybe not Melbourne andWellington). 😁

Aaaaaaand I just missed my stop…here is my waking up call! 

Kiss! And kiss like me, with love, hunger and like is the best place you have ever been! 😘 


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