To Kindness!

We don’t cry because we are sad, we cry because some things turn to be more beautiful then you have imagined.

I didn’t get what exactly Jason Silva meant with this until I actually found myself crying at 6am in a Danish smoking bar. And not because of how beautiful was the scenery, but how beautiful are the people in my life. And before that they are kind. And before that they are smart. Exactly the right kind of smart and beautiful people one should have around when minus degrees take over. 

I am blessed of having people in my life who are super kind to me – especially when I expect them to be assholes – and I just get too emotional. So yeah, crying can be also a way of not knowing how to handle too much beauty… 

As it wasnt’t enough for me to live in Denmark where people are simply beautiful, soon I will be heading to one of the most beautiful lands on the planet!! I mean this can be a little bit overwhelming…don’t u think so? 

Thank you! ❤️💃🏻now raise your glass and repeat after me:

To Kindness! 🍷🍾




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