back to school: down under, coffee and other stories

I am lucky and I know it!

Trust me, I am as surprised as you are right now about me being down here.

Yesterday was my first day of school in Australia. I was so proud I got in time for my first class (it started at 12pm), cuz somehow I knew it won’t repeat today. I really hope this is not a racist comment, but I have never felt more white and European in my entire life. I am quite sure I was the only one in that class not tanned…

All the classes are recorded here. So if you missed one you can just watch it online. I am considering this for the future busy me because my campus is 60 tram stops (an hour away) from my sweet home in the CBD – so I can trade some good hours of Tinder chats for sleeping. 😀

Summer clothes all the way!!!

Since I don’t do (good) writing when I am happy, here is a summary of my life down under so far:

90% of my wildest dreams came true! I live in the most liveable cities in the world, I got a place right in its heart, in an apartment with the most amazing view. ❤ I have really cool housemates: they are never home and when they see me they run straight to their room cuz I can’t stop talking (making friends is not my strongest forte…) One is from Chile – and I’m super excited because I was a teenager Chile fan – and the other one is from Hong Kong: Asian foodie and movie passionated!!! I wish they’d like me…

Take this, Margrethe !

Been here 2 weeks already and I can tell you how my schedule looks like:

Monday: breaky and 3 hours of school. Coffee and dinner in the city. Netflix and chill.


Tuesday: 12 hours in Campus: coffees, sandwiches, meeting new people, online surfing: maybe writing on my blog routine.

Wednesday: hmmm, let’s see what’s happening in town? Maybe I should plan my weekend – which starts on…

…Thursday: call a friend for brunch. If none of the 5 friends I actually have their phone numbers can join me, I will do it with myself. I start liking my own company – who knew I can be this much fun? 😀 Tinder message notifications on! Start pretending you are sweet and really nice. Maybe next week you will have a new friend at this table. What am I saying? ? A million things can happen until my next Thursday! Let’s see who’s fun enough for my time and money in a bar tonight.

Friday: coffee!!! ah, this city is an endless menu for coffee shops and delicious foods. Mmmm I am doing so good, it feels like Sunday, but I don’t care of not having any other plans for the actual weekend: things will come up! Oh, look at that! a tinder date! and he seems cute (hope he will pay my drink).


Saturday: lazy, lazy, lazy. Did I tell you I have a pool, a gym and a tennis court included in my rent? I should probably use them, cuz, look at the time: it’s March already!!!

Sunday: Damn, I didn’t get super tired nor drunk last night in the city and I feel I am not a normal exchange student… And I only have 4 months left down here. I know, I should be more active. Let’s go for a walk! Hmm, I don’t know this street… oh look, a lovely park. It’s the Arts Centre in Melbourne. Gosh, I love all these weird high buildings! I am looking at a 30 feet high Andy Warhol poster. I’m going in. An hour later I am following a huge crowd. There is a concert close to Botanical Gardens. It looks so appealing I am going in. Damn, I don’t wanna spend 80$ on a ticket… but then someone finds me and gives me a free ticket. Just because. Just because I am one damn lucky girl. I can’t stop thinking who should I be grateful for this. Everyone and especially me I guess… I know I have been working my ass off for the last 1,5 years and I made it! Aaaaaaah!!!!!! :-O


Ok, there are, of course, some downsides to this. Besides the fact I miss all my best friends aka the people I would love to hang out with, my bike and …well that’s about it, there is not so much of prince charming perspectives for me down here. And that’s because I have been really spoiled back in Denmark with and by the most beautiful men. And you know I cannot lower my standards, right?

So, baby, if you’re reading this (yes, you, the Danish cute guy I’ve been seeing/kissing before I left)… I didn’t cheat on you and you are being missed. Damn, that was quite hard to admit, but it feels good to get it out of my chest!

Oh, this was supposed to be about my first day of school… What can I say? Deakin is a very cool campus. It has everything a student wants and needs. Oh, except a beach and the Ocean nearby, today it was 40C degrees and all we could do was squeeze in some thin shades. But hey, I live 20 mins away from the beach!!! 😀

I feel extremely privileged and I would like to thank my parents, friends, supporters, former-employees and CBS for giving me this opportunity. I am an ambassador and I promise to respect my duties. So far, so good!



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