how to get a 3some Tinder date

Tinder is an awesome way to make friends when you’re single, brave and new in town!

Funny thing is that I know about Tinder from the first Australian guy I met in December 2013 and now I am in Australia… back on Tinder game.

I feel that I am getting reallt good at this game, but I still haven’t got any boyfriend from Tinder (well not more than 12 hours, anyway), soooo still playing. But tonight I am going on a special date. This is a complicated story, so are you sitting down?

He’s name is Tim. From his pictures he looks like any other guy I won’t date from the first sight: one of those muscly guys that make a girl feed bad for every single minute she spends on the couch and not in the gym. But he had a large sexy smile! An honest one too. And when I read his description I just had this competitive instinct to swipe right. Apparently he’s “not a fan of online interactions, here to see what the fuss is all about, but who knows, maybe there’s someone worth my time. Truth is…my friend Masha decided that she would pick for me and let me deal with the mess she leaves! So if you receive a weird message, blame her!

Ha! This could be fun! So we matched and I get a text saying I’ve been checked and I seem really cool!

“Thanks, Masha! :)))” getting straight to the point!

Yes, it was Masha and my first conversation with a girl on Tinder. Weirdly is lasted longer than I imagined…but that was because of my crazy idea of going on a date with a guy and a girl. And guess what! she thought it’s a great idea too! only that she couldn’t do it (Masha is married with one of Tim’s friends and she kinda bet him she will find him a nice date on Tinder). No pressure here! :)))

So I stuck on my idea on having a 3some date (don’t worry, we’re gonna wear clothes) and I suggested I should bring a girl friend. So…tonight is the night. Only there a few details:

Tim has no clue who is he meeting with. For him this is a blind date with 2 girls. He only got a text saying he has a date with 2 cool girls Thursday night. That’s it! Not even a picture. But I already swap some texts with him yesterday and… unexpectedly, he seems smart and nice (maybe he thinks I am gorgeous and all). I wanted to do some role play with my girl friend, but guess what! she has another tinder date few hours before ours! Oh boy… this is gonna be messy.

I have no idea what Tim expects and, to be honest, no clue of how this is gonna end. I am just writing the story! 😀

Wish me luck!!!


ps: I am quite nervous…


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