You want a visa? Marry me!

Last night a bottle of Chiraz and I were sitting on the curb-stone in front of my building being sad. And who am I calling? The number one man in my life: dad.

We haven’t talked for weeks so went for more than an hour when a guy stops brutally his bike to tell me that I am beautiful. 

I smile and say thanks.

Dad, what was I saying?

2 minutes later, the guy comes back to ask for my name and…my hand. 

Dude, I am on the phone!

yeah, yeah…what’s your name?

Uhm, can you wait a little? I am talking with my father here!

Oh, OK! 

I am hanging up very politely to my father to listen to this stranger – sometimes strangers have a gift to change my mood with their stories so I am listening.

I am not a drug dealer. I don’t take drugs. Do you? No you don’t. You don’t look like someone who takes. Those are ugly people. I don’t, well maybe some cocaine…oh, you Romanians have the BEST coke ever! Oh, you people are mental… especially fathers. If they have a daughter they would cut your throat for her. That’s why I let you talk to him. I though it was your boyfriend tho.. Ohhhhh boy.. I know, my ex was half-Romanian. That bitch!! Do you know she wanted to take half from me when we divorced?? But police took everything anyway… haha! Yeah, motherfuckers. I did 3 years in jail. They caught me selling… 

So you DO sell drugs! 

Ha, I don’t… I mean, the judge said I ruin people’s lives. But I don’t see it like that! People can decide, do you know what I mean? They can say no to drugs. Why am I the bad guy just for selling to those who want it? And the fucking government is putting drugs on the street. Fucking assholes!! They should give me a break! Man… I wanted to kill myself in there. But it’s not like they say… I mean, sure, there are weak guys, but there are also protectors. I was helping them. And their families paid me for it. By the time I got out I had a 40k in my account. I like helping people. If something makes you happy I will do it for you. I am serious. 

You don’t even know me. 🙂

I can tell. I read people. You’re good. You’re beautiful and smart. You argue with me. I hate women who always agree with what you say. Ugh. Those are the worst! never trust them. But you’re true. You like it here? You wanna stay here? You want a visa? Marry me! No, seriously, I would do that for you. Just to see you happy!  

Haha, thanks. This is too easy and you wouldn’t be my first choice though…

Well of course. You’re beautiful. You can get a guy easily. What? you don’t think so? I am telling you. If you come to my club you will be [ah, I forgot the word] by men. But you don’t go out much, do you? Yeah, I can tell… So when can I take you to dinner?


Dad is calling me. 

My dad actually called me back to check if I am safe. 😮  pfff  ❤ that man! 

Saved by the bell. I ran inside the electronic doors and I didn’t even look back. I could hear him punching the doors and yelling:



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